Products Overview


Systron Donner’s high performance Quartz MEMS Inertial Measurement Units provide the foundation for integration with industry’s leading high performance Coarse/Acquisition code (C/A) global positioning systems and system electronics to provide a series of robust, completely self-contained INS/GPS systems. Coupled precisely with their respective counterparts, these systems offer a synergistically powerful Guidance, Navigational and Control (GN&C) system for a myriad of military, commercial and industrial applications. Capable of virtual, stand-alone systems operation, they are well suited for use by Integrators and OEMs.


Supported by SDI’s reputation as a leading systems provider and offering trusted integrator solutions for tactical military and demanding commercial applications, our advanced family of Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) is designed to provide full Six Degree of Freedom (6DoF) motion sensing, creating a proven solution for instrumentation, control and navigational systems. These innovative IMUs feature SDI’s proven Quartz MEMS technology, including the latest breakthrough in true tactical grade performance with 1°/hr. bias stability and ultra low (0.02°/√hr.) angle random walk values in our SDI500 Series. Across all units, improvements in low power and unit miniaturization, including a unique, solid-state tuning fork design for superior, “one-piece” (no moving parts) performance, provide a true system solution and designer’s choice for superior performance.

Multi Axis Sensors

Inertial Sensing systems typically measure the inertial forces produced during the rotation and acceleration of an object about the X, Y and Z axes (3DoF). Systron Donner’s enhanced systems in this area combine MEMS gyroscopes coupled with other sensors capable of measuring six degrees of freedom (6DoF), which includes measuring X, Y and Z position and pitch, yaw and roll movements simultaneously. Capable of offering full turnkey multi-sensor capabilities, SDI inertial sensing systems provide high reliability, lightweight systems solutions to these disciplines with a suite of products designed to balance performance and the latest technology to answer a wide array of applications. Used as a stand-alone system themselves, or serving as a key component of a larger system, SDI products offer a true choice for the Integrator and OEM.


Gyroscopes produce a signal output proportional to the rate of rotation of the surface to which attached in a given direction. They can be used individually for X-axis (or YAW) measurements or in multiple units for multi-axis rotational change detection. On-going advancements in our MEMS-based technology has enabled these devices to offer excellent performance including low power and miniature size.

Offering enhanced benefits for use across a wide spectrum of applications, several models capable of serving as systems themselves, particularly for use by Integrators and OEMs, SDI’s comprehensive family of single-axis sensors all feature solid-state (gyro on a chip), micromachined MEMS quartz technology with their own self-contained electronics for enhanced performance. Inherent features include low noise, miniature size, wide bandwidth and temperature ranges, and high reliability (no moving parts).