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SDI500 Tactical Grade IMU Inertial Measurement Unit


SDI500 Tactical Grade IMU Inertial Measurement Unit

Compact, Rugged Tactical Grade MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit


Leveraging industry’s leading MEMS technology to provide previously unheard of capabilities in angle random walk values (0.02°/√hr.) without loss of tactical grade levels across military environments, including 1°/hr. bias stability, the SDI500 is designed to achieve the demanding performance levels required in sophisticated systems applications. It is particularly suited for use by Integrators and OEMs, packaged in a highly miniaturized, cylindrical configuration with a volume of only 19 cubic inches. Boasting a 20-Year lifetime capability without requiring calibration and a MTBF of more than 25,000 hours, multiple output data formats and SDLC, RS232 and UART output interfaces are provided in this revolutionary IMU for optimized systems protocols.

Unprecedented Low Angle Random Walk Values
Miniature, Small Footprint Size (volume only 19 cubic inches)
Excellent Bias Stability
Superior Vibration Performance
Multiple Data Formats/Output Interfaces
Solid-State, One-Piece Sensor Design, High MTBF